Beth Evans
Evans B

Shalawalla Studio & Gallery

Owner · Artist


PO Box 433

La Veta, CO 81055

I began doing batik in 1989. Having been a painter I was soon doing representational batik “paintings” along with creating decorative designs on clothing and other functional items.

Batik is the ancient art of creating images on cloth using a resist and dyes. A resist is a substance which prohibits dyes from penetrating the fabric; it is most often melted wax. A tjanting tool is used for the wax application and allows for very precise work. Brushes and stamps can also be used.

I’m inspired by nature, travel and intriguing color and form wherever it may be found. The batik medium is an endless challenge and I still delight in the images gradually appearing on the cloth with each successive wax and dye.

My husband, batik artist Jonathan S. Evans, and I own and operate Shalawalla Gallery in La Veta, CO. where we exhibit our batik and works by other artists and craftsmen. We teach batik in our studio on the premises.

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