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In addition to the major emergency relief providers that you are most likely aware of (American Red Cross, FEMA, SBA), a number of arts organizations and funders also provide emergency financial relief, emergency residencies, medical assistance, and other emergency resources for artists. 

Visit Colorado Creative Industries for an up-to-date list of local grants, workshops, and other support for creatives!

Note: this is not a comprehensive list; please check back regularly for updates and stay in touch on our Facebook Page. 


Statewide Funding Collaborative for Artist Relief 

Grants will be made on a rolling basis as new funding becomes available. 

The Colorado Artist Relief Fund supports artists experiencing economic distress as a result of the  COVID-19 pandemic. This fund is a collaboration between multiple funders and arts organizations working at state, regional, and local levels. 

The partnership addresses the urgent need for  timely and centralized support, streamlines relief efforts and increases funds for individual artists. The fund will pool private and public funding to be administered and distributed through RedLine. 


The fund will provide grants of up to $1,000 to individual artists living in Colorado, working in multiple disciplines including visual, digital, film, music, performing, teaching, etc., and whose incomes are being adversely affected due to cancellation of  events, classes, performances, and other creative work.

Grant funding may be used for basic expenses such as food, rent, medical costs, childcare; or for the development of skills, applications, or equipment that will allow them to transition their income-generating practices to online or virtual platforms or practices. 

This program will prioritize lower-income artists and artists who have no other source of income.

Female Clay Artist
Graffiti Artist




The Artists' Charitable Fund is a Colorado-based Artists' Charitable Fund that assists American visual fine artists (painters and sculptors) living anywhere in the United States by paying a portion of their medical/dental/eye-care bills. 

The fund is a small nonprofit with a narrow focus of assisting painters and sculptors by paying a portion of emergency medical bills directly to the medical providers. The fund is legally not able to pay artists directly, nor is it able to fund artists who have suffered a loss of income from COVID-19. 


Questions? Contact Fund Coordinator, Judy Archibald at 970-577-0509 or

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