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Jennifer Peterson

Estelle Center for Creative Arts

Owner · Artist


La Veta, CO 81055

Like many of us, Jennifer grew up in an environment where her value was linked to her productivity. Stepping into the art studio of her grandmother, Estelle, she discovered art as play. This childhood oasis full of color and light, smelling of clay, turpentine, and paint opened new doors to her.

With guidance from the gentle hand of Estelle, Jennifer experimented with different art mediums and found a stronger sense of self and freedom. She also redefined productivity for herself, one with a more compassionate framework. Through this kinder lens, she discovered that time spent playing in art is productive to one’s soul and adds strength to one’s entire character.

With the founding of the Estelle Center for Creative Arts, Jennifer is continuing her grandmother's legacy of giving artists a place where they can discover their strength, freedom, and self-compassion.

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