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Jonathan Evans
Evans J

Shalawalla Studio & Gallery

Owner · Artist


PO Box 433

La Veta, CO 81055

JONATHAN S. EVANS has been a full-time Batik artist since 1970, having taught himself the complex process of dyes and wax resist as a schoolteacher in Oxford, UK in his early 20s. He holds a master’s degree in art from the University of Edinburgh. An inveterate gypsy and traveler, he has moved from country to country, living in East Africa, England, Scotland, Spain, Ibiza, the USA, Indonesia and India where he had a home for twenty years. Inspired by his travels and as a way to record his adventures across four continents, he has created and exhibited his work all over the world. Jonathan has shown his work in New York City many times and at the Textile Museum in Washington DC. He has exhibited at the Mandhir Gallery, London. The Smend Gallery, Cologne as well as all over the USA. He has taught the medium of Batik under the auspices of the Resident Artist Program at the Smithsonian Museum, Washington DC, at the Beacon Gallery, Hastings, UK. And currently teaches workshops at Shalawalla Gallery in La Veta, CO. with his wife Beth Evans, also a batik artist. With Beth, he has done volunteer work in Mexico and in Haiti. They have taught several groups of women living in poverty the batik process with the goal of setting up cottage industries to produce income. They helped found the Haitian Batik Project and worked with Peace Mexico and Desert Mother’s in Mexico. He currently resides in La Veta, Colorado where they operate Shalawalla Gallery, which features their batik paintings and batik classes in their studio on the premises.

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