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Catching Up with the La Veta Creative District: An Update from the President

The last three years have brought many economical and emotional challenges to our county, and we would like to assure everyone that the La Veta Creative District (LVCD) board has persevered and kept moving forward in its efforts to make La Veta a certified Colorado Creative District. This designation will provide us with highway signage, marketing from the state and funding for future creative projects. The LVCD has developed a beautiful website with resources for local creatives. We encourage any creative to be featured in our Creative Directory by contacting us through the website at We welcome any and all input.

After a long 15-month wait, in May 2021 we finally received the formal application from the state office of Colorado Creative Industries. During the waiting period, we worked diligently on the application guidelines, providing and obtaining all the requirements we needed to have a successful application. Many thanks goes out to all La Veta Town boards, the Huerfano County Commissioners and administrators, and all the local businesses that have stood behind this effort.

The LVCD was expecting to have word by the end of July if we are to be awarded the Creative District status, but again we have to wait until November of 2021. The LVCD is keeping our hopes and spirits up for a potential positive outcome. We are looking forward to finally gaining a Creative District status.

Susan Hanneman

President, LVCD

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