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La Veta, Colorado

The LA VETA CREATIVE DISTRICT is a hub of arts and cultural activity located on the Highway of Legends, a Colorado Scenic Byway nestled below the majestic Spanish Peaks. Early traders built Francisco Fort in 1862, which served as a trading source for Denver. Since then, the area has served as a destination for an eclectic mix of artists, photographers, musicians, thespians, dancers, writers, practitioners of the healing arts, and to people seeking a creative experience.    

There is truly an eclectic mix of cultural opportunities here:  from poetry readings to a wide range of musical concerts to art exhibitions in every medium. It is as if life slows down and becomes more focused here, allowing a real peace to flourish, creativity to blossom and a sense of well-being to grow in every person.

While in La Veta

In the La Veta Creative District, there are many events held each year, with events and activities year-round. There is always something happening in this little town.

Spanish Peaks Country has three unique sets of dikes. The Great Dikes of Spanish Peaks Country formed during the same period of volcanic activity; one emanates radially from the West Spanish Peak, another set emanates radially from Silver Mountain, and a third set crosses the landscape roughly 80 degrees east of north.

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Signature Creative Festivals and Performance Events

  • Spanish Peaks Music Festival (June)

  • 4th of July Parade on Main Street (July)

  • Art in the Park (July)

  • Francisco Fort Days (July)

  • First Friday La Veta Art Walks (June, July, August, & September)

  • Spanish Peaks International Celtic Music Festival (September)

  • Oktoberfest (First Saturday in October)

  • Holiday Art Walk Fundraiser (first Saturday in December)

  • Holiday Bell Ringing at sunset on Winter Solstice (December)

We are looking for volunteers to help with various aspects of getting the organization fully functioning and supporting the La Veta creative community. If you have time or a particular skill set or would like to make some type of in-kind contribution please let us know. You can directly contact one of the board members or email us at:

I'd like to get involved!

Thanks for reaching out! We'll be in touch.

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